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RAG DOWN. "Who is that shrieking on vent?! Oh wait -- its everyone. "
Saturday, February 25th, 2006 - Posted by : No

This afternoon we proved ourselves to our friends and comrades-in-arms on Elune by succesfully downing Ragnaros on our 2nd ever attempt, on our 7th ever visit to the Molten Core. This was a huge accomplishment for us and our thanks go out to everyone who ever supported us. Special thanks of course to our Core 40 for making this such a special day. We are finally coming into our own...

Congrats to the claimers of the following!

Today also marked our 2nd Legendary Bindings drop!

Azuremoon - Stormrage Legguards
Jibaro - Perdition's Blade
Freezewiz - Dragon's Blood Cape
Wrayth - Dragonstalker's Legguards
Candry - Gloves of the Hypnotic Flame
Orf - Cauterizing Band
Veggie - Ancient Petrified Leaf
Macnessa - Breastplate of Might
Shlean - Azuresong Mageblade
Hemoglobin - Robes of Prophecy
Karac - Cenarion Bracers
Skrumcd - Mantle of Prophecy
Skrumcd - Manastorm Leggings
Blacksword - Felheart Slippers
Karac - Cenarion Gloves
Dawrfmaster - Lawbringer Spaulders
Candry - Seal of the Archmagus
Biss - Brutality Blade
Freezewiz - Bindings of the Windseeker
Eovon - Gutgore Ripper
Sanity - Helm of Might
Talise - Heavy Dark Iron Ring
Darkwish - Gloves of Prophecy
Gohalchemist - Legplates of Might
Aleir - Earthshaker
Candry - Felheart Pants
Randoria - Salamander Scale Pants
Nebr - Choker of Enlightenment

Jin'don't. "The Hexxer gets vexxed!"
Thursday, February 23rd , 2006 - Posted by : No

We have downed Jin'do twice this week, proving that we finally have this encounter down!

It has been in no a small way 'cause of your goodwill and tireless support to solve my case.

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Congrats to the claimers of the following!

Jin'do's Bag of Whammies - Blacksword
Animist's Boots - Nebr
Will of Arlokk - Randoria

Gaalhskaag's lovely portrait of Jin'do after his first kill of disappointing drops. ;)

The Age of AQuarius. "Betwixt the scarabs pincers!"
Thursday, February 16th , 2006 - Posted by : No

The gates of AQ were opened on Elune on the morning of February 16th, 2006. Our first foray into AQ20 proved fruitful! We have mastered the foul bug Kurinaxx, and have begun our attempts at the Captains... New rank books are dropping and we are enjoying the new content! Grats everyone!

Resurrection. "An old friend returns..."
Monday, February 13th , 2006 - Posted by : No

Tonight we took down Onyxia on our first attempt, and lo and behold, she submitted to us her rare and coveted Mature Black Dragon Sinew!

Congrats to the claimers of the following!

Onyxia Hide Backpack - Karac
Ancient Cornerstone Grimoire - Hoov
Bloodfang Hood - Biss
Helm of Wrath - Macnessa
Mature Black Dragon Sinew - Wrayth

To truly understand the magical turn the evening would take after we emerged from Onyxia's Lair, one would have to travel back in time... through quarrels, friendships... and indeed deaths. Travel back to one year ago, when the Hunter and Leader Wrayth left this mortal coil, and the realm of Azeroth to let his soul and patience breathe -- ending his own life on a bluff overlooking Kharanos and the frozen hills of Dun Morough as his closest friends watched and bid farewell...

Tonight, three of his closest friends travelled once again to the bluff to remember memories past and to resurrect the spirit of their fallen comrade in celebration of the forging of Rok'Delar, Longbow of the Ancient Keepers!

Me and the Major. "Domo throws in the towel!"
Saturday, February 11th , 2006 - Posted by : No

In the first 4 hours we had our Crazy 8 down, and headed for our first attempt at Domo. We had the Major begging for mercy at our first try. Well done everyone! Tons of loot this afternoon!

Congrats to the claimers of the following!

Core Forged Greaves - Freezewiz
Ancient Petrified Leaf - Amoonda
Gloves of the Hypnotic Flame - Darkenaugust
Robes of Prophecy - Malgidor
Azuresong Mageblade - No
Lawbringer Chestguard - Orf
Pauldrons of Might - Sanity
Giantstalker's Epaulets - Trite
Nightslayer Boots - Biss
Cenarion Gloves - Azuremoon
Lawbringer Spaulders - Gaalhskaag
Seal of the Archmagus - Memyrlei
Giantstalker's Belt - Cingular
Cenarion Belt - Yhann
Nightslayer Bracelets - Jibaro
Quick Strike Ring - Gohalchemist
Gutgore Ripper - Jibaro
Cenarion Helm - Nebr
Bracers of Might - Thargrum
Vambraces of Prophecy - Aurwin Naumo
Wristguards of Stability - Karac
Nightslayer Gloves - Jibaro
Nightslayer Bracers - Eovon
Cenarion Bracers - Kailah
Striker's Mark - Amoonda
Mana Igniting Cord - Shlean
Medallion of Steadfast Might - Gawker
Gauntlets of Might - Gawker
Cenarion Boots - Karac
Cenarion Belt - Azuremoon
Arcanist Bindings - Shlean

Molten Core LEGENDARY Crazy Eight. "Bindings of the Shroomseeker..."
Saturday, February 4th , 2006 - Posted by : No
With one of our hunters tripping on mushrooms, a text-to-speech bind addicted mage, only 33-35 of us in there for over half of the raid, and everyone running on about 2 hours of sleep --- Phoenix Fire still brought the pain to Molten Core. Our second "Crazy 8" run, this time a lot quicker despite the *cough cough* obstacles. All in all, a hilarious afternoon with lots of great gear and laughs.

This raid also marked Phoenix Fire's first legendary drop, Bindings of the Windseeker !

Congrats to the claimers of the following!

Lawbringer Boots - Dawrfmaster
Salamander Scale Pants - Nebr
Giantstalker's Leggings - Cingular
Nightslayer Pants - Jibaro
Aged Core Leather Gloves - Eovon
Gloves of Prophecy - Aurwin
Salamander Scale Pants - Karac
Felheart Horns - Hoov
Lawbringer Helm - Dawrfmaster
Bindings of the Windseeker - Sanity
Seal of the Archmagus - Yhann
Magma Tempered Boots - Aleir
Cenarion Gloves - Randoria
Felheart Slippers - Candry
Wristguards of Stability - Yhann
Mantle of Prophecy - Malgidor
Breastplate of Might - Freezewiz
Arcanist Robes - Memyrlei
Magma Tempered Boots - Celthays

Flameguard Gauntlets - Sharded

Ony With The Quickness. "A Twelve Minute Love Affair."
Monday, January 30th, 2006 - Posted by : No
We barely had time to realize we were in Onyxia's Lair by the time we were done with her. Twelve minutes in and out. Great teamwork and communication all around. We're getting better! ;)

Congrats to the claimers of the following!

Halo of Transcendence - Aurwin
Stormrage Cover - Azuremoon
Eskhander's Collar - Sixtus
Head of Onyxia - Sanity

Hakkar Down. "The Parrot of Zul' Gurub squawks no more."
Thursday, January 27th, 2006 - Posted by : No
Our first all guild attempt at Hakkar ended in victory tonight as our two evening, 5 hour (getting better) clearing of ZG came to a close. Spirits soared and we knew we had it in the bag with a quick hustle by our hunters to pull those Sons to us after a messy start. Everyone did a fantastic job, a damn evasive Blue Bijou dropped, and the loot flowed forth as the Parrot of Zul' Gurub sang goodbye.

Congrats to the claimers of the following!

Heart of Hakkar - Shlean
Aegis of the Bloodgod - Sanity
Gurubashi Dwarf Destroyer - Lustkiller

Onyxia is Dead. "The Broodmother takes a bow."
Monday, January 23rd, 2006
- Posted by : No
Our friends from TRB joined us tonight and we all knew this would be it. After one wipe at phase three we regrouped and stormed back towards her with a vengeance. Vent was roaring and shouts of glee were heard as we hit 5 percent with our MT still /flexing in her face. For many of us, this was our first Ony kill, and emotions ran high as loot was distributed and we were about to pose for our glorious screenshot when --- someone skinned her! :) Next time will be our kodak moment. <3

Congrats to the claimers of the following!

Quel'Serrar - BMan of TRB
Dragonstalker Helm - Wrayth
Dragonstalker Helm -
Onyxia Hide Backpack -
Head of Onyxia -